Mystery P.I. The Lottery Ticket was the first commercial game I worked on. It was 75% complete when I joined the project.

I designed the final puzzle and came up with a hint button so that players could actually complete the game instead of the timer of the game running out. I also introduced the unlimited seek and find game mode for those that wanted to replay and see the scenes free of items.

Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb was the game I probably had the most input on.

I was tasked with coming up with the final puzzle, mini-games, puzzles, story and goal, location list and lock puzzle. Working with a great team this game did extremely well being downloaded millions of times and really showed that we understood the hidden object genre at the time.

The Vegas Heist was an interesting challenge as it was a quicker development style since we had an existing engine.

I designed the final puzzle and mini-games such as a crossword to go into this game. My design style also changed as I knew if I added new features into the final puzzle in this game we could reuse it in other games going forward.

For Around The World I designed the final puzzle, mini-games and added a new game mode.

Creating this final puzzle was fun because the lead developer and I  found a way to make it have randomization so it was different every time you played it. We also added more functionality to the engine like being able to hold and rotate objects.

The New York Fortune was my last game at Spintop. The company would be acquired and turned into PopCap Vancouver after the launch of this game.

I designed the final puzzle, mini-games and made use of all the previous functionality we had added into the engine.

I was headhunted by Zynga to go work in their offices in Bangalore/Bengaluru, India on an unannounced game. While working on that I was also put on Mafia Wars as Game Designer.

My responsibilities were to come up with items, events and features. We were also responsible for the stating of items and tuning the game. I was also a point of contact to help with the understanding of the America's, the market and culture of it.

Working alongside product managers and the rest of the team to make sure the game was still keeping players happy and having fun.  It was an amazing experience and a tremendous team to work with.

After working on Mafia Wars I was asked to help come up with a new concept to revitalize Draw Something. Working alongside the product managers we came up with Speed Guess Something.

It was well received and downloaded a lot but sunsetted as its own application. It was moved inside of the current Draw Something Classic as a game mode you can play. I also worked on Draw Something Classic as a content and game designer.

Draw Something Classic Android
Draw Something Classic Apple

Add Something was a project that a friend had been working on. We decided to work together on it and put it out on the Apple and Google Play stores. My role was mostly a producer and I came up with two of the game modes as well. People really seemed to enjoy it but we had issues with discovery. We learned a ton about the current state of the mobile industry from making this game.

I always loved attending the Global Game Jam whenever I could. It was great because you got to meet cool people, team up and at the end of the 72 hours you had shipped a game.

I also loved trying to always incorporate the diversifiers for each year in the games. These are extra challenges you could do for fun in addition to the jam.

Here are some of the titles created at those events. (Some may not be able to download or work on your computer. Sorry)

2011 - Pod Panic
Role: Game Designer/Producer

Game Jam Theme - Extinction

Pod Panic is a game about guiding a pod of Resident Killer Whales from the Burrard inlet all the way to the Salish Sea and beyond. You have to look out for hazards that will hurt the whales like nets and oil and make sure to eat the healthy fish along the way or you will end up in the natural history museum as a fossil.

It was a 2d side scroller made in XNA built by a team of 6.

2012 - Eat My Dust
Role: Game Designer

Game Jam Theme - Ouroboros

Eat My Dust was a cooperative single screen racing game.

Players would be racing but would need to draft behind each other and eat each other's dust to keep fueled. All while racing on a procedurally generated track with hazards. If one player died or ran out of gas the game would be over.

Made in XNA with a team of 7.

2013 - Conga King
Role: Game Designer/Producer

Game Jam Theme - Sound of a Heartbeat

Probably one of my favourite game jam games I have ever made.

You are the Conga King, Spread the dance across the world and sync everyone's heart with the beat. Swipe your character to collect conga dancers and avoid Smokey the Sausage from stopping your conga groove or you'll be Conga Dogged.
The goal of the game was to collect all the dancers on the dance floor in each level while watching out for the evil sausages who if they hit you would wreck your conga line and your groove.
As the levels progressed there were more dancers and more Sausages to avoid.
Made in Corona for Android, iPhone and iPad with a team of 7