Mock Wars was one of the things I was most proud of while working on Mafia Wars.

We were looking for a way to improve retention and monetization over the weekends and found that players loved making these events up themselves. Players would fight amongst themselves and try to "Ice" as many players in a timeframe. At the end, the player or clan with the most would be the winner.

So I proposed that we sponsor these events by offering to create one of a kind items for the clans that hosted.

It was a way for us to show the community we cared about them and for these clans of many years to have an item that exemplified their personality in the game they loved.

Clans loved this and we were overwhelmed with requests to have a mock war sponsored, so we prioritized by clan age.

One of the greatest things that came out of this was some clans used this as a way to honour departed clan members or raise money for charity.  It was very successful for the players and the company.

Below are some examples of the items and kind words from the community.

Money Raised Busom buddy
Bosom Buddy Item
Green Woof